Sep 30, 2013

Worry Not

Can jotting you worries down work like an elixir to an aching pain? It does to me. So here I am, dishing them out:

Health. Like worrying to the limit I cant stop thinking about it and over researching about this stuff...
Money. In the sense of calculating my age and what should I have laying around and in what year I can reach certain numbers. In the sense of being afraid of not being able to really taking care of people I love.
My Mama. But I cannot tell you why.
This ticking biological clock.
My work. My work. That project.
Safety. I still check my doors and windows for like a dozen of times before going to bed. And I  know I have three alarming dogs and one of them is a true guard!

I need to remind myself over and over again about this verse tho.
And I know... He is right.

Any worries you feel like dumping?

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