Sep 24, 2013

Happy People

Oh how I have been missing you all!
Not only that I am feeling this stinging guilt towards my babies (yep, my dogs), I also realize that I have not been a good companion for most of my dearests! It's sad that we complain a lot about not having enough time whilst at the same time knowing that just the exact amount of hours, minutes and seconds were given to majestic people like Beethoven, Gandhi, or a great author in my country Pramoedya Ananta Toer. And they did amazing things in life; the world today is not the same without them and what they did is still is making a positive viral affect.

And look here I am, nagging, whining and complaining for having not enough energy to read, to walk my dogs or to simply enjoy a cup of coffee without having this rambling thoughts in my head "Mmm.. I have not done this, I have to check that... errr did I pay that already?.. shoot, what time is it ?!" 

This article came to the rescue. I just read them and now am feeling a lot better. I think, I am not that bad. All the samples stated does sound familiar to me. For example, cotton-candy looking sky still make me stop for a minute or two, waggy dogs still make me so happy I want to kiss them in the face, I still enjoy my time alone... and I still am a firm believer that almost everything can turn into something better with good music.

Here's the link if you like to know : Habits of Supremely Happy People , and here below is one of my happy places.... Getting lost in a book.
(Ed.note: An essay collection of Charles Saatchi)


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