Jan 19, 2013

Troubled Waters

I ended 2012 being hospitalized. And to this day, the treatment is still going. Now I have to struggle to catch up with work, feeling mostly worry and confused and nervous. Oh how I wish for God's mercy and healing hands to work upon me.

Entering the 2nd week of 2013, a major flood hits Jakarta and soaked my family house in a 2 meter deep of water. 
My Mom, my brother Isaac, sister Maharani and my grandma were evacuated at 3am, saving only our family dog. When Isaac got back there to check if he could save some more stuffs, the water has gone up to his chin. And he is 185cm tall.
And we start calculating. The financial lost this flood has caused.
Did it break our hearts? Sure it does. But deep inside my heart I know that we will get through this.
I have little to say to the government, but I have so many things to do to make this just a bit easier. Arrange helpers to pay to clean and fix whichever material that can be fixed, send support to those who have actually lost a family member over this flood tragedy. Yes there are few.

With so many things scattering my brain cells inside my spinning head, I m wishing for a smoother lane in the coming days ahead...



  1. Semoga lekas sembuh, ya. Begitu juga dengan keadaan rumah di Jakarta, semoga bisa diatasi.



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