Jan 26, 2013

A Cup of Remedy

If you can fill this cup in, with whatever things that's going to make a rainy day has no gloomy effect, sooth your wrenching heart, put an off on our worries and ease your pain away? What will it be?
I can tell you mine. 
Sea shells (colorful ones, full to the top), glass marbles in various sizes, Cabernet Sauvignon.
If you can put a handful of laughter in this cup too, please do so. A short conversation with my God. Black coffee. Gin tonic, water (and aspirin).
Also, passport size pictures of each of my family members from time to time.
Cute erasers. Yes, I love them. Pistachio ice cream mounting up.... A good song, fries, flower petals. And, did I say Sauvignon?

So yeah, I am planing to have at least one of the above. Need to feel better. Stat.
Any day....now. 

What's in your cup?


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