Jan 27, 2013

No Fear

How often do you talk about your fears? How often you do something about it?
Having no slightest intention to pry, especially because I can be the biggest wuss there is in most areas in life, I think I can share a thing or two.
I am afraid of commitment. Like very afraid. Like terrified to the bones afraid. Therefore I let someone in and mess my idea of independence by living with him and share my dreams, hopes and plans. Every single perks, every bits of ups and downs mess my idea of love and relationship.
How is it going to turn up? I am not sure, but I can assure you I am not that afraid anymore.
At least, it does not go to the bones for now, or crawl into my nerves like it used too :)

And oh, Merry Go Round freaks me out too. Maybe, I should go for a ride soon.

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