Jan 5, 2013

Books: Checked and Hated

I have had my fair share in sharing about books I like. Today, with an intention to be a bit ballsy, I am going to talk about ones I do not like.

Before buying a copy, I would usually do a small research. Honestly, the more people talk about it, the more reluctant I am. I tried to read the first edition of these 2 series below. Meyer's book, I looked it up online and (ahem)... Let's just say that It did not entertain me at first, and I have no interest to read it thoroughly.
I love lines that get me mixed up feelings. I adore paragraphs that get me to think differently if I read it over and over again. There's nothing like that in there.

As for the Grey saga. A sweet friend lent it to me last week, when I was hospitalized. I really love her sweet gestures but that should never make me feel the importance to sugarcoat on how I feel about the book... haha!
I will return it on Monday with a note that I know will make her laugh "If I want porn, I would just watch it"

So, without any slightest meaning to offend the enermous fans out there (and especially, not the authors!), I hereby declare that I do not like these...

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