Jul 28, 2012

What is in a name?

Here you go...I will never going to drop my last name. I might hyphenate it, if it means a lot to my future husband (for social purposes only), but I will never officially drop it.

I hope you do not see it as a disrespect to a patriarch force. If you think about it, it actually shows how I adore the very first man I know in life- my Dad. And carrying his last name is a privilege, a meaningful gem I wish to carry to my grave, crafted to my tomb.
My mom still uses her maiden name. And I do not recall her being bugged by a nagging husband pushing her to change it. My Dad, in all his manliness never did that to her. In our very eyes, he was still the pillar, the head, the leader in the family; the fact that my Mom never carry his last name never do any mishaps.

And...my Love, whoever you may be, if someday God grant us children, I promise you, I (a wife with head so strong not wanting to change her maiden name) can take care of them... educate them with a love so solid and a discipline with grace so that they will be so proud carrying their last name. Which is yours.
I hope you prefer me to portray my love and respect for you in that noble way. To God be the glory.

Tressabel Hutasoit


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