May 8, 2016

Three's a Charm: Three Current Obessions

Moving a few steps away from heavy topics, I want to ask: What are your current obsessions? Other than trying to keep my frizzy hair in sane shape, my current obsessions are as follows...

Yes, you've guessed it. "The Jungle Book" got me. I fell asleep watching "The Notebook" and I did not shed a tear over "PS. I love You". But I sobbed like a hungry baby during the scene of when Mowgli leaves the pack.
Kudos, Jon!

Obviously, my recent trip to Tanjung Puting has elevated my adoration over Dr. Birute Galdikas. And guess what is coming for me soon? My boyfriend has ordered the first copy of Reflections of Eden for me. Signed by the Dr. herself!

I am probably the last person who purchased them, I know! But it was so hard to find the right size for me. It took me almost a year! So at the moment, I am looking forward to wear them in as many events possible.
Here are some of styling tips I'd like to try: Stan Smith Styling Ideas.

Tell me yours, lovelies!

Tennis Club after this?

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