May 17, 2016

Aku Memanggilmu Ibu

A few months ago, aiming to join a short film competition, I sent my movie script to one production house in Bali. At first, I was only expecting to get a half sponsorship in producing the movie. Fortunately, the company agreed to do a full one. 
To share more, the movie script was an adaptation of my two short stories combined: Aku Memanggilmu Ibu and Mencari Bapak.

Sleepless nights and double hours, and 24*3 hrs of shooting time then become my additional routines for one month long. Not to mention the post production work. I cannot tell you how much I have learned from the experience. Film makers are exceptionally talented!

After waiting for a month after submitting the movie, I finally received the letter. "Aku Memanggilmu Ibu" (I Call You Mother) is shortlisted as Top 10 Finalists!
If you'd like to see the behind-the-scenes, please click here

And, I am humbled to request for your support by doing these steps below:  
1.Go to the YouTube channel link below. 
2.Watch and press­čĹŹif you smile/cry/laugh/hold your breath while watching it. Under comments section, write down your email address and the reason why you like it to stand a chance winning prizes from the organizer.
3.Voting ends 22 May, please share with your friends and families who also love to watch movies and like to participate in #celebratingwomen.

ps: And of course, to God be the glory!


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