Jun 10, 2015

What do you wear to bed?

What do you wear to bed? My significant other is comfortable with boxer shorts and tee while my nephew is at the stage of wearing nothing but his pants. My sister is a die hard fan of loose nighties.

Me? As one of Marilyn Monroe's hard core admirer, I was tempted to answer with "Why, Chanel no 5, of course."
But I did not. Because I don't.

However, my 8 hours of floating around in some sort of unidentified galaxy (not playing succubus, I hope) is sacred, so I take this question seriously. I have to take a shower before switching my body off and what I am wearing in bed counts. More than the importance of bed sheet thread counts. 
Living in the island, where its heat can grill you at 32 degrees, flannel pajamas is a no go. I mostly wear washed out cotton tee and hot pants. Also, I love wearing socks when it gets cold (Bali from July to September can cool down to 23 degrees which is too cold for me). The aforementioned ensemble been working well until ELLE magazine stated clearly that a woman must have matching pajamas by the time they are 30! Technically, I am 5 years behind.

Now I am searching for these vintage cuties. I think they look effortlessly chic, sexy and comfy. And I cannot wait to sport them in the morning too while making coffee in the kitchen!

ps: Pajamas Trend (Because apparently there is such a thing) and re-posting Monroe's playful voice in this iconic campaign: Forever Marilyn and No.5

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