Jun 5, 2015

Beauty secrets

Girl talk mode.

My fellow beautiful readers, as I am starting to worry about my freckles and lines, I want to ask... do you have any beauty weapon(s) that you have been religiously using? Like, your favorite powder, blusher, foundation or maybe a night cream? Do you have a beauty and or fashion idol? Or, you go the instant way by covering your selfies with excessive filter before posting them online?

Let us find out and share more on this girly post!
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From Pinterest

Facial Wash and moisturizer
Facial cleanser is easy for me as I can get away with almost any kind of facial wash. But... oh but... this product that has been existing for decades here in Indonesia is second to none, especially if you are a tropical girl like me: Viva Cosmetics Facial Cleanser. I am proud to endorse them, really. They take away all the dirt from your skin without leaving them dry and yes... only IDR6,000 per bottle *VictoryDance.
Oh, I have never done facial treatment in my life, not once. My longest search in beauty product has always been the perfect moisturizer. There's been many trials and errors and now I am trying to give it a rest for a while*Wavingwhiteflag. 

Body Wash and body lotions/butter
Eeer... I used to rush through my shower/bathing session. I know... does not sound very fragrant especially for women. For me, it was just a boring idle time... like...uumm okay... I am clean now and I rinsed the soap off my skin... now what? When I am lucky I can snatch an idea or two under my (NOT a rain) shower, or sing a song without being sush-ed. Or maybe, just a verse from a song. But in general, I did not really enjoy showering or bathing like an Egyptian queen. I will need a glass of white and someone reading me children's book to get through a 30 min bath.
But one day, when the sun is shinning so bright... the tingling feeling from Original Source (Mint and Tea Tree) changed my ritual for good! I used the mint and tea tree fragrance in the morning to wake my skin up and the Chocolate one before  I go to sleep as it relaxes me. Just perfect. Now, I stocked them up and now loving every second of showering with its freshness. They are also very good in using 75% less of plastic in packaging.
As to keep my skin moisturized, my one cure for all has always been this Palmer's Cocoa Butter  (no palm oil) and I can also swear by the magical elixir in Vaseline.

Make Up
My skin is dry. So, I do not use heavy make up. Applying foundation was never the right move for me as it makes my skin even drier and they look cakey too. For years, I just used compact powder with foundation. Then I tried this Tarte BB Cream (medium) last year and just hooked. It covers my skin perfectly minus the heavy feeling and its SPF will shade you enough from Bali's burning sun. Tarte blush are my fave too, and they are affordable and last me for at least half a year. Rule of thumb in picking the right shade: always go one tone darker.
Someone once told me that I look like an egg if I do not draw my eyebrow so my next step is to reach for this NYX Eyebrow kit, the brush is easy to use even if your hands are clumsy like mine and they are only USD15 per kit. Face powder? I am committed to Chanel Vitalumiere (Beige 40) for years but since the price is... pain, I am open for any suggestions as long as they can make my skin breathe and comes in perfect shades.

Love to hear your beauty secrets please :-)

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