Jun 17, 2015

This girl can

When I was being a sick girl last month, I had to press pause button on running for weeks! And it got me feeling annoyed, not healthy, not charged up and all dread. I have been running for only two years but it is already a big part of me so the separation was downward unbearable. 

To my surprise, the reunion was even more painful.

With guilt, I returned to my running regime with some serious game face. But boy was I wrong. I was pushing it by kicking the sands. Running at the beach is such a b*tch. Then, I did a fast 5K and sometimes 7K on a hot day! It was not okay. My calves were sore and my hips felt like they are being displaced. My skin was screaming for help. 

Then someone special sent me this video. Now I realized that I cannot force it, just need to take it slow because the only thing I am competing against is my very self. If I am being too hard on myself, I would immediately feel incompetent and eventually give up. To the time I am posting this, I only do 10k per week by splitting them to 3 days of running. Not like I used to, but this is fine. As long as I do not stop, as long as I keep applying my SPF100 and as long as this song keeps on looping. 


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