Oct 20, 2014

New Beginning

I am 45 minutes early, thanks to my early-riser habit! 
So, I am taking advantage of the smooth WiFi, very tasty coffee and the breeze to post this one.

Today is my first day working at the place that reminds me of how I started with the industry, a part of me feels like coming home... as many of the people here are long time friends and people I have known for years. Another part is feeling giddy and nervous as well as ecstatic!

Am I getting closer to where I want to be? The answer is, yes. Baby steps, but a new trail is in the making. Not a marvelous or triumphant victory, but I have won by being so sure of what I am doing, and the move I have made.

May God's grace stay within me. While I am taking one mental note on this one:
"Unicorns are everywhere. Jut waiting to be released...." Thank you, ADL.

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