Oct 3, 2014


Have you seen this Instagram page?

When I was in SG few months ago, I spotted this book which I first thought was just another fashion coffee table block. So glad to be wrong! Did not purchase them tho but I started following this page. Feeling swell, sad, touched, happy, blessed every now and then by it.

This one below is especially.. delicate.
My faith just gone up to another level.

ps: This one made me cry and this looks like how my son is going to be. And this... is simply beautiful.

“He’s like an angel. When he was younger, he would pass by our store everyday. He couldn’t speak back then. He couldn’t even say his name, but he always passed by the store and gave off the warmest feelings. My father began to invite him in, and soon he was coming by the store every day to play. When he started spending time with us, he began to improve very quickly. We told him we needed his help with the shop. We think that all he needed was something to hope for. He began to tell us all about his feelings. He visited with everyone who came into the shop. He learned bits of English and Japanese. He changed our lives so much. My father loved him like a son, and he loved my father. They would always laugh together and dance together. When my Father died, he was very sad for five months. He still prays for my father every time he eats a meal. Lately, all he can talk about is a girl in his class that he wants to marry. She also has Down Syndrome. Every day he talks about the wedding he will have, and he invites everyone he sees. He has invited over 5,000 people so far. He tells each person what they are supposed to bring to the wedding. His father will not allow him to get married. But we are thinking about having a ‘wedding party,’ and inviting everyone in the town.” (Jerusalem)

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