Oct 9, 2014

Happy Feet

This is my "not a farewell note" to my colleagues at "The Place of Refuge". 
The content is self-explanatory.

Dear all,
If we were meant to stay in one place, we'd have roots instead of feet.” - Rachel Wolchin. (Longer legs, and a Chinese-princess’ feet, that's what I’d like to have if one could request) 

But I am thankful for having a healthy pair that’s now ready to move on. It has been an enthralling two and a half years, I am genuinely saying. That experience made me realize that I have to learn some more elsewhere while at the same time sharing what I have gained over the past time from each and everyone of you. I will always define AYANA & RIMBA as world-class product. But your friendship, your amazing team-work and leadership are the main core of it. All in all, the essence is YOU!

I am proud to carry its legacy on my resume and hope that I have left some values with you too. This is just my last day here at AYANA/RIMBA and it does not mean the same to our friendship.
See you in and around the island!

ps: Wish me luck!

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