Jan 14, 2014

Difference Maker

So here’s one VERY personal post. 

I have been having this weird feeling for the past two months. I am happy with my job, super grateful for my house (and its mortgage!), I enjoyed every single progress the house is taking (no matter how much of a snail-move it is ), and I would not trade anyone in my circle of friends and or families for anything in the world. So the above list has been carefully mentioned in my prayers.

But… drum roll…. (And please do not laugh)

But, I feel like there is something outside that is calling me. I am not able to answer a question inside that I know is existing but I do not even know what it is. And I know how ridiculous that sounds. But after a few months of crazy conversations with my own head, I know that I feel like I have not done enough. I know I am a good and responsible sister; not a black sheep daughter; a loving aunt; a productive work force talent in my industry and a mama bear to my dogs but... is that all that I am here on earth for? Really!? I am not planning to stomp my chest but a wise servant of God once told me that He has bigger plans for each and every of His children... and I am seeking for that now.

Now, let me continue...
I did tell you about my plan after I retire... But what makes me think I have enough time to wait? I posted stories about how mean us humans can be in treating animals. But, will my posts make a difference that I actually am aiming? Or will it just brought more tears?
The ways of making small-baby-steps changes are all out there and I have blinded with other things that I cannot even recognize it. But this ends now.

There’s a long term plan for this aching heart of mine (oh wow!) and I will feel more than appreciated if you would like to stand next to me during that process.

First phase, signing petitions (this includes to close the hell on earth; Surabaya zoo) and or making donations to a cause or two I have your heart set at. Mine is set to children and animals so they go here and here. Like I have told you before, I am so under-qualified of being a ranger so this is the least I can do. 
Second phase… sponsoring a child that I know is in thirst of education. Truth is I still need guidance in this, so if any of you can help me out, please feel free. I am not taking anyone home to live with me, just sponsoring for education. 
If you think you need to be filthy loaded to do this… I am thrilled to tell you that you are wrong. Any amount of donations starting from usd10 (yes, ten!) will be well received and properly channeled.

The third remains a secret at this stage. It is still cooking and it will take a huge-bold-giant leap in my live and it will affect mostly my career move. But I hope you would bear with me.

I have no long resolutions list for 2014. I just want to make a little difference. A 7 year old out there is probably already doing what took me 34 years to do but that’s ok. The better late than never cliché is working this time.

But I can assure you this is just a beginning. So.help.me.God

ps: If any of you can help me to make more ways in this calling, please reach me out.

Not there yet.

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