Jan 12, 2014

Saying hello!

So we missed Christmas, New Year and all the holidays and festivities in between...!
I have been going through an awful lot of ups and downs but things are now slowing down a bit...
To recap; My Mom was here for a two-week holiday and we had a great time together.
I finally am progressing with my kitchen (oh dear!) and now enjoying most of the time just hanging with some light readings and my cup of coffee.

Unlike in the past years, in which I love to start a new year into by making a long list of resolutions, this year, I did not list any. What I have been experiencing make  realize how blessed my life has been, and I only have one major purpose to do; make changes, no matter how small. I will share more details in my next posts, and I hope some of you might want to follow my little steps.

Thank you for your faithfullness in reading my blog sweethearts.
Let us talk more often from now on:)

And Happy 2014!

My fave spot

On my birthday :)

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