Jul 21, 2013

What I see in 'Success'

You know...I wrote a whole paragraph and deleted them all just now. I could not get my head around in what I see in success. I really cannot.
My mind works in another way in this case, so here's what success is NOT about.

It is not about the number on your pay-check. That's not how I see success. That's just a bar on how you have worked on your God given talent. Same goes for the title on your business card, or the changes you made to your social media profile.

Not about how powerful your name is to a certain entity, or business. Or what privilege you have in a company. That's a brownie points of your influence so far, and how your company appreciates you and at the same time expecting you to do more. But no, my friend, success is not that... simple.

It is not about being the youngest in the board of directors, nor about what car you drive. Not about successfully tying the knot with someone and breed, or being single and living large. My friend, to this very last words I am typing I still cannot find the most prominent meaning to what a success is. So, I am letting that to be yours to decide. I hope someday, I will find the answer to it too.

Or, maybe this?


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