Jul 19, 2013

What I See in Fashion

Let's talk about real stuff... Fashion :)

If you come visit me at my house (and are a girl), you may have a closer look to my closet. There, you will find tons of white tops, striped shirts and dark colored or light blue t-shirts. Predictable.. or boring?
Living in Bali give me reasons to invest in more short pants, but to this day I have only three of them; Black, green army and red. So I am not a fashionista. You may conclude. But I do have strong preferences in style. Or, if I can be honest... a typical preference.

To my very eyes, fashion has to be... timeless
My gold-rose watch matches with almost any kind of style during the night and my black leather strap one is an even more versatile. I can wear white tops anywhere and just have to play around with necklaces, earrings to look different.  Striped pattern is exquisite so I have them in many colors and style; shirts, dresses, blouses.

They have to be affordable and comfortable. Ha! Sure I treasure my somewhat expensive shoes and hand bags, but I did pay attention to the leather quality, its comfort, every single details it has. It is easy to predict which blouse I like and which I do not because trend does not influence me that much. Classic style is an investment!
When I decided to purchase skinny jeans in bright colors, it was a a decision that I have thought about thoroughly! Haha.
I do love to invest in sunnies, perfume shoes and designer label handbags ... hey, a girl deserves some vanity, aight? But I am not ashamed to admit that I also love hunting at a flea market or a thrift store!

What is fashion to you? 
Below is an inspiring outline to ensemble a perfect wardrobe. Bold ones means; already in my wardrobe *wink.

1. oversized sweater 2. oxford shirt 3. ballet flats 4. embellished top 5. chambray top 6. maxi dress 7. versatile scarf 8. sentimental jewelry 9. trench coat 10. little black dress 11. a signature manicure 12. something outrageous 13. a carryall bag 14. sunglasses 15. cropped black pants 16. knee high boots 17. well-fitting jeans 18. everyday flats 19. clutch 20. sun hat 21. a classic scent 22. watch 23. simple tank 24. braided belt 25. casual shorts 26. wool coat 27. party dress 28. black leggings 29. simple skirt 30. pencil skirt 31. large purse 32. rain boots 33. statement necklace 34. something leopard - I prefer belts! 35. cardigan 36. skinny belt 37. neutral pumps 38. tunic 39. white tee shirt 40. black blazer 41. striped top 42. a lady-like umbrella 43. a floral top 44. safari-style jacket 45. white pants (or jeans) 46. fun sandals 47. casual shoes 48. leather jacket 49. black turtleneck 50. denim jacket

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