Oct 23, 2012

Tell me your dreams

And you know what, I also mention something about buying a house, last December, here: If you were not afraid . Not only in my Bucket List post!
Isn't that crazy how things can fall together for the best of you? How you are drawn to  achieve your dreams

I cannot thank my God enough. Sorry for the overwhelming posts on this subject tho' ;). For some people this might just be an -ah, ok- moment, but for me; this is huge.

Do I have other dreams? Hell ya, this is one of the big one and there still sooo many... Well, the list also contains something like 'Own a Chanel bag' (yes, I do not own one and I refuse to buy a faux!), or 'Ink my body' (this one is more related to my guts). 

I want to know. What is in your bucket list? What your dreams are? The wildest? The corniest?


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