Aug 26, 2012

Which section?

How often do you visit a bookstore? Weekly? Once a month? Barely? 
Have to admit that it has been a while since my last book shopping. A while as in...two weeks? Ha!
Just wondering, what is the section that you approach first?
On each visits, I am most likely with a list of book titles I am searching, it really depends on the books on my list. My sister Volent heads to children's area first (yes, for her son), my friend Ratih is a romance reader so she shows interest only to romance/chick lit aisles.

Now what's the section you less likely to look? Mine is.. self help. Hahaha. Yes. I feel like I am downward miserable if I have to read all those things. No offense, I think they all are great... Back in college, I read a few tho! 
But now...  when life is way more interesting as it is making much more non sense and I managed to keep that little girl soul alive in me... I'd rather not look for another self help guide:)

ps: How about memoirs? You like them?

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