Aug 18, 2012

Taking Weather

You know... I love staring at the sky. That's the first thing I do when I  wake up. Not to decide what my mood is going to be but... well, think of other things I secretly play in my mind. 
When I see a blue sky, I think of a baby boy's blanket...Clouds can sometimes look like a cotton candy, baby elephant, shark, angel, a whip of butter, or a kind giant to me.
When it rains, I love to think that the drops are actually soldiers from heaven and each of them have something to tell to me.
Thunder storms and dark clouds have different meanings. They are old wise men who are too upset with how horrible the world can be.
And with stars? Ha... Each twinkle promises a good night sleep to me :)

How about you? Do you take weather personally too?



  1. Sometimes. Sometimes. God gives a sign through weather. A sign whether He (will) answer my prayers with rain. I know it's silly, but hey what I got to loose. In the end, he always answer our prays. :)

  2. It is not silly at all! Thank you for reading Ambo!


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