May 5, 2012

Two years and counting!

Last year, at this time of the month, 2 of my sisters, mom, and grandma were here in Bali for a holiday. We had some serious fun. My goofy sister Detri said that the best place she like the most is this bar that is located in a resort that I took them to. Funny enough, I just wrote  a post about a few new drinks the liquid chefs at Detri's fave bar created. Why? Oh, nothing… It’s just that I am now in charge for the PR/Communications department for that lovely… lovely place of refuge .

To have a more convenient commute from home-work-home, I moved into another place. A bit bigger and has nicer facilities, with the same price. Good for me. Privacy? Yes. Alone? Yes.  When I read an article at The New York Times about "The Freedom, and Perils of Living Alone" , I could not stop smiling.  To this day, I still have all the perks to work my way and run the clock in and around my little casa. I have been doing it since I graduated from high-school. It gives me a good enough of space to be on my own yet at the same time, it also makes my relationship with my family a lot closer. I cannot explain how that works but it does. 
The biggest part about the past 2 years is that I learned to let go of the past and move on. I did. It is so freeing to know that when you have come into an acceptance, you have a smoother path to keep going with a lighter heart. I got healed. I have a closer relationship with God than ever before. I cannot thank Him enough for showing me how much I am adored and loved, no matter what. And not even the darkest part of my life comes into the equation.  He loves me because of what He is, not because of what I have done. People admire me because of what I am giving and doing to my family , but to tell you the truth… I am nothing without them. The fact that I am blessed with the ability to do that is just one of God’s way of using me as a blessing channel and I will gladly keep doing it as long as He is on my side. Tressabel Hutasoit is just a tiny part of His master plan. (I got all teary as I typed this down…but this is true) It is hard for me to stop bragging about His love tho’ so I hope you understand.

I still dream about being a mother. I still am the same person who will cry with you during cartoon movies and keep the lights on all night long after a horror movie. Talk to me about politics; I will still roll my eyes. Ask me out for a good food; I will be-friend you for life. I am still the same person… only, happier :).  If you go to a secluded beach in the southern part of Bali, you may see me under the parasol with a magazine on my nose. 
And who knows… someday, I will have my baby and the love of my life with me.

On a lighter note; I look a lot darker now, gained a few pounds (thank you, suckling pig),I have shorter hair and a more casual-quirky look. All that fits into my way of living in a tropical island. I do not think I know how to walk on high heels anymore :)) I still listen to the same music, still read To Kill a Mockingbird cover to cover for the hundredth of time (I just love it!), still glued to festival movies and cartoons, and stays as a caffeine addict. 

Thank you for putting up with me through these times. I will keep on writing (oh, my superior at work is a brilliant journalist so I am learning a lot from her!) and keep you in the loop with big-small happenings that is worth wandering for. 
God bless.
I took this photo, exactly 2 years ago.


  1. abeell,, can't stop smiling and adoring you while reading your post :) gosh, you're such a great writer... dari dulu bel, dari lo msh SMP sampe skrg lo makin berbakat banget.. so proud of u. When you write down your story and thoughts, pasti smua kluar bgitu aja as you type your keyboard :) and anyone who read your post will know you more even if they didn't know you.. when you write, you're like an open book waiting to be read by someone..

    abeell,, i miisss uuu!!! tag me in anything you wrote ya ;) and tell anything about your life.. i missed so much about you since we graduated high school,, i don't want to miss anything happen to you again..

    i'm sending my big tight hug from jakarta, bel :p xixixi... aku tunggu kamu di jkt yaaa!!!


    -mommy dylan-

    1. Mommy Dylan, thank you for reading! Hope we will be able to catch up soon. xoxo

  2. Hi Bel..

    Thank you for also being a lesson for my life too through all the stories I can access on your blog.. Be blessed always, Bel!


  3. SMTangkilisan, thank you for reading and posting this comment. God bless you too


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