May 2, 2012

Randomness and... Faith :)

Hi there! I am about to share a few random things in life surroundings and things that I am interested to. Have not been showering you with heavy posts tho but I am glad that we can stay in the loop. So, here it goes;

I met a new friend. And, despite the fact that he has never lived elsewhere outside Bali (nor visit!) , he can twist his tongue and speak in English, Japanese, and... ahem... Russian. Oh, and he is now starting to break into Mandarin. His name is Dhika and you will be even more surprised to know what his other passions are!

Never thought this would ever happen but... I am out of books to read. I mean it. So, please give me some recommendations. Will do some books injection soon.

My Mom is turning 54 soon, with her 40 something face and her 30 something body... she will gracefully reach a phase that we all should be thankful for (Thank God for her improving health especially)  I am out of gift ideas. Really. Help!

Ever feel guilty for not being able to hang out with friends and acquaintances? That is what I am feeling now. I have been a bit busier than I used to and family saga is taken most of my heart and mind. Also, not in my best health as cough, stomach flu and fever keep coming back as if I am a bag of germ catcher. I'll be back to catch up with you girls soon, minus the sickness.

Talk to you later, I am whisking my self to the pantry now and make some hot tea... *achoooo!


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