May 6, 2012

Happy 54, Mama!

Happy 54 to Rosita Simanjuntak! Our free-spirited, loving and cheerful Mom, and a grandma (a.k.a Ompung) to her soon to be 5 year old Joseph! Remember that you are blessed and we are grateful that you have become stronger and happier each and everyday.

To pray for your health may sound cheesy but you know what, Mom... that is the one thing we need to have you around for at least another century! Hahaha...

Thank you for the roller coaster life that we have been through to this day,it was never a merry go-round indeed! Thank you for never judging any of your children and to let us just be us. Thank you for believing in our decisions, our ways, in our dreams. For loving, trusting our friends and lovers (and dogs)
 All in all...  thank you for sticking up with us the whole time!

Tuhan Yesus memberkati Mama.

Hugs and kisses... 
Tressabel (and my man ;)), Benevolent (+ Budi and Joseph Kiyoshi), Detrianne (+ Oki Leonardus and their bun in the oven), Maharani, Isaac.

Yes, she is in the kid's  "mandi bola"

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