Aug 31, 2017

The First Cut is the Deepest

KM 1-10 was all about you Kak Wike. I thought of you and your family. Mostly your little boy Shalom. I had zero knowledge about nasopharyngeal cancer before and now when I see how you struggle with it, I can't help but to admire your strength and try to find a way to cheer you up. If only these Kms can contribute to your healing, I'll do it all over again.

KM 10-20, I was thinking about your work Mba Mimi. Your achievements in Journalism and how you spread news about Indonesia all over the world. When you were really ill with the devil virus a few months ago, I was... scared that we might lose you. Your energy and your intelligence are like no other. I am so happy you won this battle and stick around stronger.

KM 20-30
My peace gone down the hill here. I could not believe how slow I was and everything starting to hurt like mad. I cried a little. I Guess it's like a superstitious coincidence as I did think about when you were in a coma a few months ago, and how you use the word "embrace the pain" after your double mastectomy. Girl, that.was.heavy.
Here's my most slow and painful 10KM for your beautiful bravery Mba Fey. I wanted to curse breast cancer but I am remembered on how so full of acceptance you are about it so I did not.

KM 30-40
As cute as it sounds, Lupus annoys the S out of me especially because I know two people who has it. Seeing your battle Mba Sylviana makes me feel so inadequate the last 10KMs. I almost gave up when I could not feel my legs and hips! Your painful nights and unexplainable tiredness and pain were all I can think of. And I hope these can make you laugh a bit as I am sure it has nothing next to your journey.
You amazed me.

KM 41-42.195
For all of you who are at the moment having to go through critical illness, whose prayers are nothing more than about some clue to healing... me entering the finish line with all what's left in me... is for you. Also to Mba Fika Kansil.. don't give up...

God is Good.

#42195fortheirpain #fullmarathon #balimaratheroes #solagratia

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