Mar 1, 2017

Run Till You Drop

This "Run Till You Drop" race was a bit different. You were given an option; register to run for 2hrs or 3hrs. If you register for the 2hr one, you will need to run a minimum of 5 laps (each is 2.5KM) to get your finisher medal. For the 3hr one, you need to do a minimum of 8laps.

Since my aim is to do my first Full Marathon this August, I registered for the 3hr one. "I need to train my endurance." I told myself.
I have done a good trail running before, a 25K in Lake Toba that took me about 3:19 minutes because of the trek. So I was like... "Hmm, I should do better this time."

The flat road was nice, but... handling boredom was tough! Running around and around the same loop as many times as you can was not that easy. 

My sister and my partner were there. Giving me cheers and encouragement and we high five each other whenever I run passed the starting spot. My partner helped me changed clothes on my fifth lap!

Thank to be God, I did 10 laps! Two laps more than the minimum requirement, tho my pace was not my very best. Fighting boredom and telling your body to not give up was hard, but I am glad I did it.

God is good.

Next: Jogjakarta Marathon!

I made to top 10 as the 6th female runner with the most laps covered!

Going Bananas. Literally.

Asics DynaFlyte and compression socks, thank you for being with me for almost a year now.

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