Mar 6, 2017

Road to Full Marathon

Some of you may already know that I am in training for my first Full Marathon. It has been hard. And I am still so far away from my target. Some of my techniques still need fixing. Tho, my coach been complementing me about my endurance.

I look all smiley in pictures but honestly, I am in pain most of the times. But, as they say misery loves company, If you want to follow my training regime, I will be happy to share. For the good of course! I also do not mind sharing more details about my favorite gears. We can swap infos!

People been asking me if I have lost so much weight. Well, maybe like 10kgs. But I lost them gradually in about two years, not in a short amount of time. 
My objective was never that, as I was never feeling fat anyway. But it came as a bonus. I feel so much fitter. Tho I have been very sensible by eating more and more rice because I am more comfortable with a little bit of meat on my body.

If you are feeling like you are not shedding a pound or two and thinking about asking me how, I must say I may not be the best to go person. Because I eat like a maniac.
Maybe go to your nutritionist first, as they know what is best for each body type (blood type matters too?) then you may follow my training plan. 
Oh, I will share details on running gear on a different post. So keep an eye out!

If you want.

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