Nov 9, 2016

Jakarta Marathon 2016

Just a few days before race day, I know that my temperature has not been normal. All feverish and nausea with throbbing headache all day long. But I refused to stop myself from this race that I have signed up for.
After taking antibiotics and paracetamols for three days, I decided to just... do it.
"My siblings, Mom, Ompung (Grandma), my best friend, my in laws are going to be there at the finish line."I told myself as I pull my compression socks to my knees. 

Finishing 7 minutes slower than your previous personal best hurts. But I have learned to see every race that you completed as a PB. Why? First, the route is different. The weather, and the local people are too. I was spoiled with Ubud views in Lari Masuk Desa, and the cheering Balinese dancers in Maybank Bali Marathon. The 25KM long views in Lake Toba? Gosh, that one is a must to repeat.

I did not have those aforementioned perks in this race. To make things harder for mental endurance, there were not that many supporters cheering for you too. Some even honk you from their car even they have been informed about the road closure days before.

But you cannot expect a race to be "perfect" as per your liking, yes? Because, just like in the race of life, perfection is non existing. You need to allow the imperfection mold you. And if you are lucky, it brings out something in you that you never know you have.
In my case: apparently running 21KM under the rain is the best cure of all.

My siblings and cousin completed the 5K. I did the Half Marathon.

Entering the finish line drenched in sweats and rain. I remember thinking about doing a Full Marathon right at that moment.

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