Nov 1, 2016


Just trying out a new look.
Have you tried an androgynous style? I am leaning into it but as I still enjoy being all girly and feminine, I do not want to overdo it.

I am so touched by how many people get isnpired by my style and sometimes some of them try to pull off a style the minute I shared about them. Thank you beautiful people.
My fashion-stylist friend told me that the first thing to take note is to know your body, do not force a style. You can get inspired by so many things around you but if you immediately copy them as soon as a trend comes in a hashtag, you might end up looking not as best. My legs are short, but I have a small waist so I can wear a high waist pants to create an illusion of longer legs. Minus looking bulky because my body frame is small.
My cheeks are chubby, so my big and frizzy hair will make it worse. Hence, the short cut.

PS: Do you think this look suits any body type?

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