Jun 2, 2016

You in Five Words

The past month, I was in this intersection in my career life. After a long thought, I finally made up my mind last week. Disappointing a few, and being questioned by some, I have given my best decision on which road I am taking.
It is funny how things will try to distract you from fulfilling your true destiny. And I know how far I am from my true calling. But at least, today, I know I am not making myself any further from it.

Oh, remember this "You in Five Words" post from two years ago? I tried asking myself again then compare it with my previous answers.

The titles I am giving myself today are:
Movie Maker

And I am gratefully accepting the changes. 
There are three new ones and I can examine them as simple as:

Movie Maker- As a rookie, I think I did a good job and I worked with a well-oiled team. When I was working on my movie script, I was in 99% of self-doubt. But that changed immediately as soon as I submitted them.

Lover- This is a significant change to "Selfish." It was easy, you know, to be selfish and take no one's opinion into your consideration in making life decisions. But I am in love with someone now and I am enjoying every part of it.

Runner-"In your mind, you are a Kenyan." is written in one Marathon signage I know that my pace is nowhere near them. But this running journey has brought me to realize that my strength is in my endurance. I am training for longer runs now. As in... Ultra Marathon. It freaks me out. To the smallest nerves. But that is how I know that I should do it.

Did you write your own"You in Five Words."? Any changes?

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