Jun 13, 2016

Training to be Ultra Crazy

Since I managed to not die on this hilly 12K run last May: Lari Masuk Desa, I suddenly feel that I need to convince myself about my first half marathon.
But, I missed the registration for Bali Marathon (booooo to self!), and the closest thing I have in the country is... an Ultra Marathon of 25K in September!
"Suddenly" I found myself registered for the race and now panicking! What was I thinking? I cannot do 25K! And it is an ULTRA; the trek will be hilly and hard and it's basically a trail run!
Fortunately my two Marathon runner friends (like 10 half Marathons a year kinda people) convinced me that with proper training, my body will be able to do it. 
"It is your mind that needs convincing." she said.

Last weekend, I did a 10K run on Saturday at 7:10 pace. And on Sunday, I ran a 15K!! My pace was slower in 15K (7:20) but it was such a new found glory! I never thought that I could do that and now I know that I can, I cannot wait to run farther!
My training game is still long and far but now I feel that my mentality is at a much better stage.
Also, I am training with Nike Zoom Pegasus 32 and I recently learned that compression socks are helpful for me in running a longer distance. No more shin problems!

Any of you training with the same type of shoes or running gear? If not, please share with me what's your fave gears are and why.

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