Mar 9, 2016

What are your regretable kitchen purchases?

My favorite illustrator Emily McDowell comes with another pressing question. And I never laughed this hard thinking how this resonates so true with me.

My list:
  1. Of course, a blender that has collected dust as thick as a rug. I bought them three years ago, mixed a guava and orange juice with it on the first night. And that's it.
  2. A microwave. A good one. But it seems that I was (am) so bad at math I did not realize that the voltage was just far too high for my small house. I re heated a rotisserie chicken in it once. And we are done.
  3. Different colors and patterns of tea towels. I have no idea where they are now.  
  4. Food steamer. "For when you are feeling oriental and would like to serve your guests with dim sum or buns." Exhibit A: I do not have guests that often. Exhibit B: Dim Sum corner is literary in every corner in the island.
  5.  A set of China. Which probably is somewhere in China.

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