Mar 9, 2016

Running Tips(s): Another 500 Metres and take it from there

After trying hard not to give up on running for the last two years, I decided to run "out of my comfort 5K to 7K runs".
It just happened a few weeks ago when I lace my shoes up and a subtle voice echoes "Look, just try to run another 500 meters after your 7K, and take it from there."
It seems like a lazy idea at first but I actually tried it!

"Another 500 meters, girl..." I whispered to myself the moment my running apps told me that I have completed my 7K.
"And take it from there..."

And you know what, I stopped at 12K!
My 10K time is 1:08, then I went very slow for next 2K. It is not the fastest timing at the end but boy was I proud! Simply because I did not stop.
Finishing a 12K has made me feel confident to train harder for my first half marathon!
And what comes after that run? Now my comfort run is elevated to become a 7K-10K long.

Do you have any running tip(s) you want to share?

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