Nov 12, 2015

Why I have a tiger plush toy in my office

Of all the things someone would treasure in their office, what is the quirkiest, most random, non-work-related one that you have seen? Or, have?
For many reasons my colleagues love to hang in my office. They enjoy browsing through the stacks of magazines that are sent regularly by various publications, or just to make a mess of my postcards collection. And of course to discuss work in between. 

And more often than not, they will lay eyes on my small tiger plush toy chilling on my bookshelf. And they will ask me "Why do you have a tiger toy in your office?"

And that, my friend, is my cue. 

"Ah, so that you will ask me about it. And you did. And I am not going to miss this opportunity to tell you that the numbers of Sumatran Tigers has come close to extinction with fewer than 300 being alive in the wild. Deforestation, poaching, well, basically greed, has destroyed their habitats and prey. 

The "Circle of Life" in the ecosystem is replaced by egosystem. 

Today, we are threatened with the possibility of having to show pictures of Sumatran Tigers to our future children. And talk about them in past tense."

"If you do not want that to happen, we still have time. Make donations to this beautiful species conservation work via your trusted animal welfare foundation, join #antipoaching campaign in your local area and even slowly but surely apply a #nopalmoil lifestyle. I mean, if you can discipline a #mayodiet, you will have more determination than me in this case. I cannot do mayo. Back to Tigers... There are many ways to participate without having to join the rangers. And did you know that you can donate for them too or send them cards!"

At this stage, my colleagues will probably roll their eyes if not bored with my oration. But at least they will start to think about it and be aware of it. They can use "Oh weird Tressabel, you know that she got this...." for all I care. As long as I get the message out.
And believe me when I tell you even if they have been in my office for the umpteenth of time, they will always... always stroke my Bintang! Yes I named it. 

And by the second they do that, I hope they will remember about my boring speech, and spread it, and do something about it. 
Oh, do not get me started on the Orangutans... 

Ps: I received my plush tiger as part of my contribution in adopting Sumatran Tiger through WWF .

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