Nov 9, 2015

Talk Pretty to Me

Every other week, I will post an interview session with an inspiring friend. My first guest on this maiden feature is a ravishingly beautiful girl working for a boutique Mall on weekdays, and cooking up a storm in her little kitchen to cater for her home-cooking delivery business on weekends.

Sweethearts... read Judith Kirana's take on Beauty.

What is your daily morning beauty routine? 
I put on makeup for my soul. I pray. And I read inspiring quotes to feed my soul for at least 30 minutes before I begin my day.

Do you have a beauty secret handed down to you from your Mother or Grandmother? Or a makeup brand you cannot live without? 
 Yes, from my Grandma. The legendary "Drink eight glasses of water from 7AM to 11AM" for a well-nourished skin. She has been following that rule all 75 years of her life. There is no makeup brand I cannot live without. The one thing I know is my "must-have" is  a stove, as I really love cooking. 

Do you have any stories of regrettable beauty moments or experiments-gone-wrong? 
Yes! When I was in senior high I was so body-conscious I forced myself onto a bad diet.I did a lot of exercise but didn't eat properly, and was hospitalized with typhoid for a week!

I have had my fair share of attempts trying to be thin, but now... no more! I love my body just the way it is, and if you cannot find a man who appreciates you for who you are and what you look like, it is his loss.

Do you have any weird little tricks that you swear by? 
 Not weird, but very cliché: "To stay beautiful you should have a happy heart."

When do you feel most beautiful? 
 Ahem. When I have that "after-glow", if you know what I mean? (Yes I know what you mean, Wink. Yours Truly). Also when I wake up in the morning with a thankful heart, most probably because of that after-glow. Hahaha…

When or in what moment do you feel otherwise, and what do you do with that feeling? 
I have come to accept my figure and always tell myself that I am beautiful. Maybe because generally, I am happy now with how I look entirely; curves, curls and everything else!

What do you love most about your look?
Some people tell me they love my look because it is simpleyet stylish. Their words, not mine. But for me, being beautiful and stylish is not as important as being a good person.

If you are only allowed one type of top to wear every day for a week, what will it be: A black shirt, a white collared shirt, or a patterned blouse? And why? 
 Black is my favorite color and it can be matched easily with any kind of  patterned skirt, jeans, or shorts.

If you were allowed to use only one makeup item for the rest of your life, what would it be? And why? 
 would go with lipstick. A red one to be specific, as it brightens up my whole look instantly! 

If you were raising a daughter, which one beauty/style tip would you want her to live by? 
 Wow! I would teach my daughter that being beautiful is not only about appearance. It's from, and about, the heart. Beauty eventually fades, especially if you are not interested in botox. But a beautiful heart will always shine through.

My single beauty tip is: be genuinely kind to everyone. I am applying this to my life, without expecting they will do the same in the return.  At the end, I can see how blessed I am. A daughter will learn first from her Mama, and I want to set a good example to her.   One day…. :)

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