Apr 1, 2015

The power is in your palm (II)

It is obvious that this story breaks my heart. But since I know ranting about it will not help, I have signed a very important petition and also been asking my siblings and close friends to do the same.
Sign here if you want your grand children to still be able to see this precious soulful being, please: 

My 7 y.o nephew watched the video of Lena and Strawberry today. And he immediately filtered his snacks in the fridge and tell his Mama about how he does not want to eat anything that's produced/ processed by hurting Orangutans and or its habitat. 

Joseph's first steps: Quitting on Kraft and Lays' chips while mine is breaking up with Smuckers and Colgate. 

Thank you, Joseph. It means a lot to the world. 

PS: If you like, please learn more about palm oil here

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