Jan 6, 2015

What 2014 has taught me

Let's throwback for a bit.
2014 was the first ever year I entered with NO resolution at all. I just skipped it. I can never really stop biting my fingernails when am anxious anyway, and good luck with "Try to skill cooking a dish or two."

I just wanted to try a different approach in life and see what it brings. I can be a big time worrier and ahem... a bit of a control freak and just too hard on myself. 
So, having no resolution list is actually a big thing for me.
But look what I have learned and accomplished without the so-called list...
  1. I lost a few friends. Or, let's say... I changed the dynamic I used to have with some of them. And it is personal, with no intention at all to have enemies. You just need to admit that not all relationships are worth fighting for. Especially ones that does not nurture you. Or, ones you cannot trust.
  2. My energy is now more invested to fewer people who nourishes me. Why? Because instead of hanging out with the #1 group of friends at a coffee shop, dragging myself to pointless drama, I spend more time writing emails to my friend(s) (who's probably a thousand miles away) with things that has substance for the both of us to grow. At the same time, I gained a new skill! I now can tell the difference between someone who listens to you attentively and then respond, AND ones that's just waiting for their turn to talk.
  3. I made a move to a new job and got a promotion. Not an easy decision but... Thank you God! I always believe in Your timing.
  4. We lost 2 dear cousins in 2014. And a young man, best friend of my brother. Tough. Made me question things but... knowing Phil 1:21, I am grateful for I know we will see each other again someday.
  5. I did not blog much in 2014 and realized it is making me less fulfilled, so yes... I am going to write more.
  6. You cannot (and do not have to) fix every broken strings in your relationships or social life. But you can change light bulbs at home.
  7. I learned tricks on how to open a stubborn jar lid! Seriously helpful.
  8. Running makes me a happier person. I am setting a higher bar this year by running through harder tracks that I know are not for the faint of heart. On average, I run 3*5K/ week. Not that bad I guess.
  9. It is okay to fall in and out of love. Ahem.
  10. Nothing is thicker than blood. I always nestle back under my siblings love, encouragement and laughter whenever I need an instant uplift or remedy. Works for any kind of ache. 
  11. Square peg in a round hole? Just.forget.it
  12. On a heavier, spiritual note: Matthew 7:15 is a real deal. I have seen more of them now and glad that nothing can shake my faith.
  13. I can wear bright pink lipstick. And also in need of a good eye-cream.
  14. A guy who drinks a USD5 worth of beer with corny pick-up-line may not be able to afford buying you a USD20 worth of cocktail you are sipping. 
  15. Red is the way to go for fingernails and 60's style swimwear will still be a hit for another year or two. Invest in them. And in handbags.
  16. When in doubt, there's always my dogs. And peanut butter and jelly sandwich (or Nasi Padang). And naps. 
Praise to be God... this below, is the ultimate lesson I have learned.

"Everything that you've ever wanted is on the other side of fear."

 In my case, baby, it is LOVE. And am getting closer to the other side of my fear!

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