Jan 8, 2015

Am a Mama Tiger!

And I also have a Narwhal and a sniffer Labrador!

Knowing how much I care for animal welfare, a dear and kind man adopted three amazing creatures under my name. This is the best, most roaring early birthday gift ever!
Thank you my dear!

Back in 2007, I donated some fund to Schmutzer; a primate center in Jakarta, and actually partake in voluntary work. After that, helped by a friend, I supported OFI with little things like cash contributions, purchasing merchandises, etc. My dream of going on ECO tours to see the gorgeous Orangutans shall wait.

The past two years, if you have been following my blog, you will notice that Sumatran Tigers have become another one of my concern. It is just heart breaking to see the vanishing populations. Today, fewer than 400 of that graceful big cats exist. 
I then learned about Narwhals(the closest thing we have to Unicorn!). This goofy looking sea unicorns been harvested for its meat and ivory. Are we really that greedy?

But here's a happier news. As a newly four-legged ‪#‎wwf‬ team, sniffer Labradors (and German Shepherds) are being deployed in airports and at checkpoints to stop illegal wildlife trade. How PAWsome is that?

Did he also adopted one sniffer Lab under my name? Oh yes.

I cannot join rangers in the wilderness, nor save the sea-unicorns with my hands. And my nose is only good in sniffing good food.
But I want my children to still be able see them in future. That is all.

If you have the same dream, maybe you want to adopt them too..WWF.

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”― Mahatma Gandhi

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