Sep 24, 2014

Gone too Soon

Exactly last month, my dearest brother and his friends stayed at my place. They were in the island to attend one massive DJ gig, and spent weekend roaming in and around Bali.
John Ray, one of his best friends, was in the group. I have known him for years... We are one of those families that are always close with each and everyone of each others friends.

That night at my house, Isaac and John with their girls brought beers and snacks to hang with me in the kitchen, played with my dogs and joked about how much we have grown... 

This morning, I received a shocking news that John passed away in his sleep. He was just... slipping... away. And gone.

I could not handle my brother's pain, he cried his lungs out when I called him. First time I heard him cry again since 10 years ago... 
Both been friends since they were in elementary school, both were professional basketball athletes, real fight-then-make-up buddies, chasing girls, heart-breaks, starting their career in work force together. 

They were supposed to be best-man at each others' wedding, they were supposed to grow old, get fat, complain about nagging wives and how expensive it is to have kids in this economy. John was only 26 years old, God...

Nothing, and I mean nothing we know about how much time we have left. I just hope I'd be a dear when I have to face mine, and not fiercely mad if I have to lose the people I love.... again.

Be strong in God's grace, my little brother Isaac, most especially John's parents and family, his girlfriend and friends. You may not want to hear this but....God is good...

And Rest In Peace, young man.

ps: Philippians 1:21 (Bible verse we carved on Dad's tomb, inked to my brother's skin, and always... always been a great help for me in dealing with lost) Gone too Soon

Isaac and John (in glasses)

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