Dec 3, 2011

I Love you, enough...

I like you. Enough to make me laugh. Enough to make me wonder how it feels to kiss you again and again and again. I like you, enough to beam a smile out of me on a rainy day, I like you enough to let you take me home.

I want you. Enough to make me want to hold your arms as we walk side by side and to nestle under the blanket when the storm is raging. Enough to make me not cringe when people say that we are an item. I want you enough to consider your opinion as the one that counts.

I honor you. Enough to understand if we sometimes need space in order for both of us to grow. Honor you enough to not wanting to change anything about you. Be it your flaws, your taste in music or your silly habits. Especially, what you believe in.
I honor you enough to hold my aching heart when you have to be so far away reaching for your dream.

I love you. Enough to mention your name in my everyday prayer. I love you enough to dream about a future with you in it. Enough to understand that to get to the future, today... I have to love you enough to let you go.

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