Jun 10, 2014

What's lurking in the back of your fridge?

It's pop quiz time again! Inspired by Emily McDowell, one of my favorite illustrators; What's lurking at the back of your fridge?
My confessions below;
  • Pack of Cheddar. And at least two cartons of soy milk.
  • Half bottle of white.
  • A jar of sambal terasi that's like a year old (because I am one busy Indonesian lady with serious Asian taste bud and I just have no time to make my own sambal) Ha!
  • Three bags of denta stix for my babies.
  • Puckered limes. As I think every fridge must have them.
  • Cabe rawit. They look like this and is a perfect condiment for instant noodle for midnight snacking. Snacking? Yeah...
  • Two loafs of white bread and one loaf of brown bread.
  • Frozen peas. And one can of baked beans.
  • Serious amount of jelly beans. And I am not a sweet tooth. I think one of my friend gave it to me months ago... I cannot remember who!
  • Butter. Butter. Butter.
  • Grapefruit juice. 
  • Half-opened tonic water.
  • Aspirin
  • My lipstick. It was melting the other day because I left it in my friend's car. I really love the pop effect the color brings so I am trying to frozen it back. Dummy. 
Below is Emily's.

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