Jun 28, 2014

A woman is a reflection of her man. Not.

Have you read this story that has gone mental in social media platforms?: Read here.
Some claimed that the story is not originally from the Pitt-Jolie couple. But, that is not my point of phrases here.

I would be doomed if I said never get butterflies in my tummy when a guy do sweet things for me. Oh how I love being treated like a princess. I do. And for Brad Pitt (or whoever the real person is) to do those acts in supporting the love of his life to be back on track is utterly amazing. 

However, I can only hope that "A woman is the reflection of her man." quote does not get translated and absorbed in such ways that women started to search for men that will define them. Love and support of a loving man surely can make a great impact in a woman's life. 

But, a wise lady once taught me that we should avoid searching for that first. 
Your man's being should be an addition to who you are, not a reason. A glitter to your "Not flawless but perfect." reflection, not the core of it.

So with my imperfect understanding, I should say... A woman, is a reflection of her dreams and hopes, her faith and her unbelief, her victories and her failures, her accords and her struggles... 

And only a damn good man can be part of that reflection of hers. 

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