May 2, 2014

What do you do when you are home alone?

Here's another pop quiz, still inspired by Emily McDowell, one beautiful illustrator that I adore; What do you do when you are home alone?

This question kinda tease me in a way as... I am living alone anyway (smirk!). But I do host friends, families and or relatives every now and then. This gives a different vibe to living alone as a single woman; I enjoy cater for them, making sure they love the scent I added to the fresh-towels, providing what they usually love for breakfast and just dig into long conversations at night over drinks or instant noodles. 

But I always love to snuggle back to my "alone space" when my guests depart. And this is what I do:
  • Walking around, no make-up and... ahem... half-naked. As in, wearing tank-top and hot pants and just be bra-less. Trust me, ladies... This feels very liberating. It is just you and your body. And you get to feel your natural scent and you feel more like a real woman. I do not know how that works but it does!
  • Let my dogs hang in the room when I think they deserve it and have serious-long-conversation in baby talk mode! I do this sometimes even when I have company tho (the talking part). Shameless! 
  • Breakfast in bed and once in a while, I will take out all of my wardrobe and just separate some that I will donate (also, very liberating)
  • Play my favorite music and just dance in the kitchen or dance while I water the garden. I do!
  • Read, with no pressure of having to attend to someone's need. Read selfishly... and just dive into the book. 
  • Watch festival movies and or stupid serials.
  • Drink beer in my dining room, one feet up on the chair. Makes me feel like a boss :))
  • Dusting my hand-bags while thanking them for the way they make me feel good at down times.
  • Eat what most people think as the grossest food ever: French toast with honey and bacon.
  • Blog.
What about you?
This is what Emily does:

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