Jun 15, 2013

What I See in Men

There will be another post with "What I see in..." in the title. Here's my maiden one. Bear in mind this is just the top of the iceberg. I refrain myself to bring the cards of honesty, accountable and all other heavy stuffs to the table.

Let's just talk about the little things which are just as important:

Truth be told. I see (and most likely judge) your sense of music. I mean it big time. There's nothing more fascinating than finding someone with richer knowledge in music and know all of the songs from the years we were not yet even born (and you are not some radio DJ or some sort).
If you like The Cure, The Roots,  Ben Harper and The Smiths, you might be qualified to be considered as 'Dating Material".

Oh, there were times when I had a big crush on RHCP. So, knowing a thing or two about them might score some brownie points too. Your reading habit? Please do not make me go there :)

Your shoes. Man, you can go to modest with your shirt. But a real gentleman should appreciate their feet.

Your effort in appreciating your woman. We do not always have the energy to keep the house clean, but gawd knows we try! So, fixing your own breakfast on weekends while you are giving us an extra 30 minutes of sleep is priceless.
How you treat animals. Most especially dogs. Once you cringe to my excessive love towards them, you, baby, are out of the picture.

What about you ladies?

But no 'all day long wearing suits' necessary

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