Jun 5, 2013

Interviewing Inspiring People

As if I have everything under control...  I said yes to this free-lance writing job!

Managing 1 regular feature for this local magazine I have read quite religiously for years will be my main responsibility. This means, I have to go out and interview people! Interesting people live in Bali, to narrow them down. People with insights that inspire them about this island (or not). It can be things that changed the way they think, or a re-assurance of their beliefs... 
It also can be about a dream and how Bali apparently is the only place that makes it possible for them to make it come true. It's not as big as holding up a must read feature in Bazaar for example but I tell you now; I am super giddy and thrilled about it!

So yes, this should be a good thing. Since my attempt of being a news anchor got crashed about a decade ago, I always have this "what if" scene of being an editor or a journalist who goes to tight-face politicians and make their face crumple (no offense *wink).

Yes of course, the maiden article should also be shared here.


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