Dec 2, 2012

Inspiration Sunday: To be One

I am sure many of us here can easily mention names of inspiring people. Be it in your career, your love story or maybe in other things that may either be big or small in life. It can be about building your dreams, weight loss, or maybe in fighting serious illness. He or she can be a writer, a poet, an astronaut. They can be your parents or even a complete stranger. You may have met them, or follow them on social media (if the word stalking is too harsh), or collect their journals.
But, have you met someone who can look you in the eye and tell you  that you have become their inspiration?
You may look back, shook your head and say "Nah, I did not invent the penicillin, why would someone think of me an an idol or as an inspiring person?".

Think again. 

I learn that we should not limit the meaning of a word. This includes the meaning to 'inspiration'. You may not have published an earth shattering book or produced a box office movie. But the way you face your daily life without complain and your positivity can be contagious and without you noticing, your friend sitting in the next cubicle will with or without her consciousness,  complain less. She may not realize it, but you inspire her. Your determination can affect your spouse, or your team. Your sense of gratitude may influence your child. That shade of your lipstick and blush that lightens up your smile can be a reason for someone to re arrange her make up kit. The way you rock a classic style, or maybe how you carefully select your play list can also be an inspiration.

Recently, I found that someone is starting to write because of me. Well, 2 people actually. One is a dear friend and the other one is a stranger who is a hidden reader (*grind). 
I am inspired by other writers too. And I thank my wander mind because no matter how much I read, I still have this way of phrasing paragraphs in my very own style. And that's just a little thing. I hope I am also an inspiration to my dear siblings and family, or best friends too in other ways.

And there's never going to be a day where I would say "This is enough" to my list of inspiring people. Because I believe, the more you think of many, the bigger chance you can be one to somebody. Thank you sweethearts.

ps: Just a few names of my Inspiring People :)

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