Dec 7, 2012

Faux Pas I Made and Liked

How cheeky is this notebook?
Now let me ask, if you have this notebook and you have to fill them in, what do you think the content will be? 
Oh I have plenty and many of them are a bit personal..haha. But here’s a few of my not so scandalous 'faux pas':
  • Picked the wrong major in college. I love journalism and I knew it even when I was 10 years old. But I went for Economy instead. But without it, I would not meet my friends and would miss out on the crazy and fun experience of living in a house I rented with 3 other boys who still are my greatest friends. And that 'faux' did not stop me from doing things I like (and get paid at the same time)
  • Dated and or kissed frogs. That’s what I call a douche with. But, maybe you have to kissed a hundreds of frogs before you get to kiss a prince?
  • I bailed out on Yoga class last year. Though when seeing my friend doing her pretzel pose, I can be very envious, I have to admit that I am enjoying my extra sleeping hours even more.
  • Bought a pair of shoes at the price of USD300. Oh wait, that was not a ‘faux pas’ ;)
ps: Will you tell me yours?

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