Nov 1, 2012

November (not yet) rain

Ah, here it comes; November. 
I always have mixed feelings about November. Mellow and blue because it reminds me of my dad (born in November 5th), intrigued because it means I only have 2 more months to make sure that I have achieved enough this year (yea...yea...the so called resolution), excited for my sister Maharani's birthday, My sister Detrianne's and Leonardus anniversary... and all giddy because it also means Christmas is lurking!

But, is it just me or the year 2012 seems to move in a speed of a bullet? Feels like it was only yesterday when I shower you guys with holiday posts and now we are getting ready to talk about the feast again?

Oh well, whatever the next 2 months will bring, I wish you a warm heart to welcome November and - hopefully- its rains (Bali has been too sizzling hot! dry season seems to stick around longer).

ps: A song to kick off this November :)

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