Mar 30, 2012

Loving Friday: Magnificent Love

I have not been a good blogger, I know. Things are a bit topsy turvy and I am juggling more balls than I used to. A bit hard to believe that I am actually just posting for my regular features, and nothing more. All in all, a "pause" moment that I thought should not last this long... however,  it's just a phase I know I will get through. Please bear with me.
When everything seems blurry, one thing that I can hold on to is this powerful force that I can always turn into. Again, I have no intention to put God under anyone's throat. This is who I am, how I get through life's winding road and how I want to pillar my family someday in the future. 
He is my magnificent friend, my God. And, without a pint of doubt- my Love.

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